Special General Meeting

This Tuesday, the CSSA Committee is continuing the Special General Meeting that was adjourned from the 22nd of September, 2014. The second part of the meeting will be held in the CSIT Building #108 (N101) at 5:30pm.

The first three of the purposes below have been completed. The remainder of the SGM's purpose will be to re-elect the CSSA Committee, and any other business incidental to the matter.

Nominations for the committee are now open. Submissions will close at 5pm AEST on Monday the 29th of September. Nomination form is here.

The agenda for the meeting is available below:


Upon review, there were irregularities identified in the election held during the Annual General Meeting. There were irregularities in the ballot counts recorded such that the actual ballots are unrecoverable. To rectify this, the members of the CSSA have called for an Special General Meeting (SGM) to vote on voiding the election at the AGM, which requires a three-quarter majority of members present to pass.

The purposes of the Special General Meeting are to consider:

1) Considering the report of the Returning Officer in relation to irregularities in the elections for the Committee and the Common Room Subcommittee held at the Annual General Meeting on 21st August 2014.

2) Declaring the elections for the Committee and the Common Room Subcommittee held at the AGM on 21/8/14 to be void, and holding new elections for the Committee and the Common Room Subcommittee.

3) Amending section 7.11 of the Constitution to remove the requirement that proxy voting forms be lodged *before* the commencement of the meeting.

4) Any matters incidental to the matters listed above.

In order to ratify the motion of part 2 above, the motion must be carried by a three-quarters (3/4) majority of members present. If it passes, the CSSA will automatically have to re-hold the election (proposed dates of which are further below). If however this does not pass, the CSSA current committee will be able to continue as the CSSA committee.

The current 2014-15 Committee assumed their positions on Monday (8/9/2014) and will remain in these positions until the next handover.

The SGM will take place on the 22nd September. If the motion of voiding the previous election passes, the meeting will be adjourned until Tuesday 30/9/14 (the next week), to allow for nominations for positions to be lodged. The election will take place on 30/9/14.

The returning officer will be Jessica Tsimeris.

If you have any further questions please contact us by emailing anucssa@anu.edu.au or talking to a committee member (old or new).