Newsletter Week 0

Welcome to the ANU CSSA!

Welcome back to university life! We’ve managed to sign up 146 members
at our Market Day stall, putting us more than a third of the way
toward our 2013 membership number of 410. We also just hit 400 members
for our Facebook group. Thanks to everyone who’s signed up - the CSSA
certainly seems to be off to a good start to kick off 2014!

If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, don’t forget to come along
to one of our events and sign up for 2014 - membership is just $5 and
gets you in to most CSSA events for the rest of the year!

We’ll also be at the CECS college orientation this afternoon, to help
new students integrate into University life. If you’re a first year,
come join us at the Manning Clark Centre at 1:30pm for tonnes of
useful information, socialising, games and free food!

We’ve also got more social events coming up in the next couple of
weeks - check out the details below.

(For those of you not renewing your memberships - this will be the
last spam you get from us! Thanks for being a member and we wish you
well for the future.

The ANU CSSA Committee

In this week’s newsletter:

  • Upcoming Events
    • CECS Orientation Session (with ice cream and Teeworlds)
    • First BBQ
    • Installfest (with Pizza)
  • Other Events
    • ANUSA First Year Science and CECS Camp
    • CECS HDR Camp: Kioloa
  • Other News
    • IT employment possibility
  • Regular Events
  • Our Sponsors

Upcoming Events

CECS Orientation Session (with ice cream and Teeworlds) alt "Facebook"

Involves a welcome from the Dean and the Directors of CS and ENG; separate academic advice for undergrad and postgraduate computer scientists, engineers; advice/lessons from current students for undergrads, or a campus tour for postgrads; activities organised by the CSSA and ESA, and then ice cream!

Time: Thursday, 13th February 2014, 13:00
Location: Manning Clark Centre

2014 BBQ, the first!

Free BBQ for members, drinks available for purchase! We will be experimenting with dietary requirements hopefully. Come and enjoy some time with friends, strangers and food! If you can’t find the area, there’ll be maps on the signs up around the CSSA, or you can attach yourself to a friendly later-year.

Time: Thursday, 20th February 2014, 12:00
Location: CSIT BBQ Area

Installfest (with Pizza) alt "Facebook"

We’ll have a team of experienced people ready to set up your personal computers for the next semester of COMP courses. Afterwards you can choose to come to ANUbar or stay in CSIT for Minecraft.

NOTE: If you’re coming planning to set up another OS on your computer, make sure you backup your computer first! We can’t promise everything will go smoothly with some computers.

Time: Friday, 28th February 2014, 14:00 - 18:00
Location: CSIT

Other Events

ANUSA First Year Science and CECS Camp Webpage alt "Facebook"

Come along to the ANUSA First Year Camp for combined Science and CECS to get to know your fellow first years! There’ll be activities and social experiences.

ANUSA First Year Camps promote integration between both local and interstate students, students in different residential/virtual halls and colleges, and domestic and international students within each academic college’s first year cohort. New students meet one another in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. These initial social experiences foster an academic culture of strong peer mentoring, collaboration and communication.

Eventbrite Signup
Facebook Event

Price: $60. sales end Wednesday the 19th February
Time: Friday, 21st February 2014, 12:00 - Saturday, 22nd February 2014, 17:00

CECS HDR Camp: Kioloa Webpage

Join us at the beach at Kioloa to learn tips for succeeding in your PhD in CECS and meet other PhD students. Open to all current PhD students within CECS.

Signup here

Time: Wednesday - Friday, 12th - 14th March 2014
Location: Kioloa

Other News

IT employment possibility

Most relevant to third and fourth year students and postgrads.

Are you an experienced tutor?

Know your way around Microsoft Office suite?

Interested in adult education?

Earn $60 - $100 per hour!*

The ANU Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is seeking suitably qualified ANU students who are interested in providing teaching skills in our IT program. CCE offers various IT courses to the Canberra community including numerous government departments.

This is a great way to apply your IT knowledge, expand your IT career while enjoying the benefits of working for the university.

We are seeking casual tutors that have a track record in teaching, are capable of delivering professional courses to adult learners.

Full training will be provided to successful candidates. If you are interested please submit your CV to with “CCE IT teaching” in the subject line.

If you would like more details please feel free to contact our office on (02) 6125 2892.

CCE pay rates are based the CSA rates but increases depending

Regular Events

Wednesday Night Board Games alt "Facebook"

Take a Ticket to Ride and Come Settle in our Dominion at CSSA board games night! CSSA board games night is Articulate. Other board game nights are Absolute Balderdash.

Time: Wednesdays, 19:00 - Late
Location: CSIT N101

Got something to say?

The CSSA Times is looking for writers! If you’d like to contribute an article, let us know at

Know something we don’t?

If you’ve got an event or job posting relevant to CSSA members, please let us know at

Got an idea?

The CSSA is always interested in helping our fantastic members run events. We can help you run your dream event or just help fund and promote it. If you have an idea you’d like us to have a look at, fill in this form.

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