Research in America: How to get in and do well - Thursday 17th October, 18:00, N101

Considering graduate school or post doctoral possibilities in the U.S.? Associate Professor Michelle Strout of CSU will present the basics of the process, talk about grad student life in the U.S.A., and answer any questions about the process.

Come along if you're interested to know:
• What grad school in the US is like.
• Ph.D. program application time frame.
• What grad admission committees look for in applications.
• How Ph.D. students are funded in the US.
• Job opportunities in the US after obtaining a Ph.D.
• The Ph.D. job market time frame.

The talk runs from 6pm, with food provided at 7pm. Undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in academic opportunities at the end of their degrees are welcome to come along, have a bite to eat and learn more about US universities.