Previous Years

This section show cases some of the highlights from ANU CSSA 2011.
For each of these events it was a 'you had to be there' kinda thing, so if you missed out, we're sorry to hear that.

Special Pages:

Kinect Development Workshop - Our last technical workshop for the year.
Epic Games Night 102 - Our biggest event of year.

2011 Events organised or supported by ANU CSSA:

October, 2011

September, 2011

  • Google Maps Engineers visit/workshop
  • Barracks Lan Event
  • AGM Meeting and BBQ

August, 2011

  • Linkr Research
  • Tech Help Hour + Pizza Evening

July, 2011

  • Welcome to Semester 2 BBQ

May, 2011

  • Epic Games Night
  • Early Year induction by Later Years/Alumni
  • HRCA Panel/Discussion on Technology
  • LaTeX Technical Workshop
  • Re-launch BBQ

March, 2011

  • ANUESA + ANU CSSA Careers Fair
  • Google Tech Talk
  • Teach for Australia - Information Session
  • Microsoft Student Partners: Imagine Cup

Feb, 2011

  • InstallFest and Pizza Afternoon
  • CECS Introductory BBQ
  • ANU O-Week Market Day

2010 Events:

ANU ImagineCup Game Camp - A weekend long event with many industry speakers from AIE, Microforte, Readify, Microsoft and 2K Marin