Newsletter Week 4

Newsletter Week 4

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Coming up this week (more details in upcoming events):
• Google Tech Talk
• Careers Fair

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Upcoming Events

Google Tech Talk - Quote of the Day Webpage FB

Nigel has been a software engineer for Google in Sydney for over 7 years. In that time, he has worked on Google Maps, Google Wave, and the Go programming language. He has also read many, many e-mails, web pages, design documents, operational 'post-mortems', conference papers, and of course actual lines of source code. Eventually, he realized that he was literally learning something new every day. This talk will sample the highlights from his "Quote of the Day" collection, with an entry from every working day for the last 3 years.

Time: Thursday 15th August, 13:00 - 14:30
Location: Engineering Theatre

Careers Fair Webpage FB

If you're looking for an internship or a graduate opportunity, look no further. Join us at Melville Hall to talk to a select few companies. We have attending so far,

• Accenture
• Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
• CEA Technologies
• Infosys

See you there, and bring a resume!

Time: Tuesday 20th August 2013, 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Melville Hall

Karaoke Night Webpage FB RSVP

This event is subsidized and as a result it will be free to attend. As a result We require sign-ups. If you have a ticket and are unable to attend please inform us at least 2 days before the event.

We will be leaving CSIT at 7:40pm on the day, so if you do not know where the event is located join us in the walk to Civic.

There is a charge for taking BYO alcohol to the Venue, you are responsible for paying this charge if you choose to take alcohol. Snacks are fine to take with you.

Understand that you will be subject to the wrath of Chanakya if you do not turn up and thus prevent another member from attending.

Sign-ups are essential for attendance and places are capped at 25 people. Sign-ups are here.

Time: Friday 23rd August 2013, 19:40 - 22:00
Location: Starting from CSIT

Higher Degree Extremely Rapid Presentations (HDERP) Webpage FB

Postgrads, come and see what your peers are working on!

Undergrads, come and see what it's like to do research at ANU!

This event consists of three ten-minute lightning talks followed by a free lunch.

Three PhD students will present their work:
1. Analysis of Reading Comprehension using Eye Gaze, or: How Do People Read? - Leana Copeland
2. Using BDDs for Non-Classical Theorem Proving, or: Logics What Go Fast. - Jimmy Thomson
3. Discrete Logic Avionics for Reliable, Long Duration Unmanned Aircraft, or: UAVs Without Software - Ben Coughlan

Stick around after the talks for a free lunch.

All are welcome (Including Undergrads of course).

Time: Monday 26th August 2013, 19:40 - 22:00
Location: CSIT N101

2013 Annual General Meeting & Board Games Webpage FB

Want to help run one of the ANU's finest* student organisations? Think you could make the CSSA even better?

The 2013 Annual General Meeting is your chance! We'll be giving everyone an update on the state of the club, then holding elections for all committee positions.

And then... board games, and free pizza!

More information coming soon

Time: Thursday 29th August 2013, 17:30
Location: CSIT N101

* in our totally unbiased opinion

Other News

Database Designer Wanted for Crawford School

The Crawford School of Public Policy is looking for a student with Access database design/development skills who can build a custom Access database, to be used for stakeholder engagement and customer relationship management.

We have developed a brief with a list of fields (about 50) and relationships, and a rough list of queries to generate reports.

We need someone to:
• design the database
• upload/enter a small number of records from various sources
• create a user?s guide
• train a small user group in how to enter data, create queries and run reports.

If you are interested in further scoping the project, and providing an estimate of the time needed, and approximate price, please contact Olivia Wenholz on 6125 7067 Mon, Tues or Wed,

CompCon Webpage FB

CompCon 2013 will be the inaugural national conference for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology and related technology disciplines. CompCon is run by students, for students!

At CompCon you can explore new areas of the varied and diverse world of computing. You’ll get the opportunity to explore some areas of computer science that you don’t cover in the curriculum, with talks about leading-edge research and workshops introducing you to new programming languages and other interesting technical concepts!

Early bird registrations available now.

Conference will be held at:
Time: 28th - 30th September
Location: ANU

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