Higher Degree Extremely Rapid Presentations (HDERP), 26th August, 11:00 - 13:00

Postgrads, come and see what your peers are working on!

Undergrads, come and see what it's like to do research at ANU!

This event consists of three ten-minute lightning talks followed by a free lunch.

Monday the 26th of August, N101, CSIT Building.

Three PhD students will present their work:

1. Analysis of Reading Comprehension using Eye Gaze, or: How Do People Read? - Leana Copeland

2. Using BDDs for Non-Classical Theorem Proving, or: Logics What Go Fast. - Jimmy Thomson

3. Discrete Logic Avionics for Reliable, Long Duration Unmanned Aircraft, or: UAVs Without Software - Ben Coughlan

Stick around after the talks for a free lunch.

All are welcome (Including Undergrads of course).

See you there!