About Us

Who are we?

The Australian National University Computer Science Students’ Association is the largest organisation on campus that caters to the needs of IT, Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSIT) students. While the association has been around since at least 1995, it no longer played a central role in student relations. We relaunched the association in 2011, and have grown increasingly popular with both students and administration, with over 400 members signing up in 2013.

What We Do

Our aim is to provide a complete experience for all our members. This is why our events fall neatly into the diverse elements that make up student life. These include social events (eg. Trivia, BBQs, Epic Games Nights), academic events (e.g. Google talks, technical workshops and study nights) and career-related events.
In addition to having events almost every week, we publish a weekly newsletter that lets students know of tech-related events, competitions and career opportunities.
In 2012 we launched the CSSA Common Room, serving as both an office for the CSSA and a place for members to gather and socialise.

Why join the ANU CSSA?


  • Almost weekly newsletters with related events, jobs on offer and competitions. (13 newsletters in Sem 2, 2013 alone!)
  • We have an office you can drop in and meet us almost anytime.
  • IRC Channel


  • Epic Games Night (once per semester)
  • BBQ's and Pizza Evenings (many per semester)
  • Postgrad Monthly Munchies
  • Movie Nights
  • Technical workshops
  • Industry Visits
  • Careers Fair
  • InstallFests
  • Alumni Chats

Find Us Elsewhere!


Alternatively, come by our common room in CSIT N102!
Come by the CSSA Common Room in N102 of the CSIT Building (building 108)! This is open when a committee member is present, and sells cheap snacks and drinks! We can sign you up for a membership or tell you more about upcoming events here.

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