Install Fest - 2nd August, 17:30, N101

Are you thinking of installing Linux on your computer but don’t really know how? Or maybe you’re confused by all the software you need to do your assignments from home? Or maybe you just loved setting up your own machine so much that you want to help your peers get theirs working too? Well then look no further than Installfest! Come along and have some fun while you wait for those pesky progress bars finish.

**COMP1110 Students: we're able to help you with installing Java/Eclipse/Mercurial for your projects!**

**COMP1730 Students: we can help you setup Python/IDLE!**

**COMP4330 Students: we can help you setup GNAT**


A couple of other points about the night:

* If you are thinking of installing Linux, PLEASE BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES BEFORE YOU COME!!! In fact, everyone should backup stuff they want to keep. It’s just generally good practice.

* For Mac users, download and install Xcode if you can. It is nice and easy off the app store.

* While you don’t need to be a CSSA member to come, memberships will be available for $5.