CSSA OGM2 + Teeworlds!

We're calling an Ordinary General Meeting to update you all on the state of the club, and vote on a few constitutional amendments regarding our electoral processes.

We'll be following with some Teeworlds tournaments in the labs, and if you bring your own computer hopefully we can get some more LAN games going!

Also, if you're interested in running for the CSSA Committee, this is your chance to talk to us about running for election at the AGM!


Please bring your membership card if possible. Associate (non-student) members are eligible to attend, but cannot vote.

Date/Time/Location: Thursday 8 August 2013, 5:30pm @ CSIT N101


*More info available soon*

We are proposing:
• a change from first-past-the-post/plurality voting to preferential/Instant Runoff Voting for executive positions
• a change from multiple plurality voting to Single Transferable Vote for General Representative positions
• reducing Gen Rep positions from 7 to 5, and introducing new positions of Postgraduate Rep and International Rep