Weekly Puzzle

This week's puzzle, brought to you by piracy!

You are Captain Haskellbeard, and you and your 4 scurvy crew (Alan, Babbage, Curry and Dijkstra) have happened on some buried treasure! 100 pieces of lambda! Unfortunately, all of you (being pirates) want as much of the gold for themselves, so you invoke the rule of parlay, and begin negotiations.

There is of course a chain of command, and you being captain, are first. You may propose a division of the 100 gold pieces, and then all 5 of you will vote. If there is a simple majority, the division is accepted, and you get as much gold as you decided upon. If there is no majority, or your vote is in the minority, you will be forced to walk the plank, and then the sequence will repeat with the next highest in command. (So there will be 4 pirates in the next vote, then 3, then 2, then 1.)

The pirates prefer to stay alive much more than they prefer to get any of the gold, and they prefer the gold to forcing other pirates to walk the plank. (Although they won't hesitate at all to do so.)

If all pirates are perfectly logical, how much gold can you get yourself, and how much gold does everyone else get?

- Luke Grab-Bag English