CSSA KALAHA NIGHT - Tuesday 14th May 5PM-6:30PM

The CSSA is running a Kalaha night for everyone interested. We'll be playing Kalaha a bit, and there'll be some talks on game-playing in general, as well as some discussion of how people are currently writing their players. And of course, there will be free pizza.

There will be lightning talks - 4 minute lectures by people on various relevant topics. If you've had some crazy idea that you'd like to discuss, like genetic algorithms, or evolving heuristics, or negascout, or whatever else, message Buck Shlegeris to discuss talking about it.

This isn't an assignment help night - we won't be looking at code. We'll just be discussing how you could do things.

Everyone's welcome, especially people doing COMP1100, but everyone else should come too. Bring $5 to join the CSSA if you want.

Where? CSIT N101
When? 5:00-6:30pm Tuesday 14th
Who? Anyone.