CSSA Ordinary General Meeting + "Revolution OS" Movie Night

*UPDATE* This has been moved to 5:30 pm so the 1100 students can come.

We'll be voting on a new committee member, as well as considering a constitutional amendment and giving a general update on how the CSSA is going, as well as answering any questions you've got about how we're running things.

We'll also be screening JTS Moore's 2001 documentary, Revolution OS, tracing the history of GNU, Linux and the Free Software and Open Source movements.

If you have any items to add to the agenda, including constitutional amendments, please submit them to anucssa@anu.edu.au no later than 5pm, Thursday 14 March 2013.

Date/Time/Location: Thursday 21 March 2013, 5:30pm @ CSIT N101

Agenda and Other Documents: see http://cs.club.anu.edu.au/ogm1_2013/

Nomination Form: http://goo.gl/oxLcb



Our good friend Joshua Chubb, having served the CSSA Committee since 2011, has unfortunately left ANU this year and resigned his position as CSSA Gen Rep. This means we're looking for a new member to join the committee and help us run the CSSA this year.

Who are we looking for? Anyone who's interested in helping to run one of the most active student societies at ANU.

What will you be doing? There's a lot of variety - the committee is responsible for organising and running events, meetings, the common room, social media, website, newsletters, etc.

How much time does it take? It depends - most of the time, it'll only be a couple of hours a week, though there are some times during the year where you'll need to put in more effort.

First Year students are particularly encouraged to apply! Don't be shy - it's not incredibly hard, and you'll have the support of experienced committee members.

Nomination Form: http://goo.gl/oxLcb. A vote will be held at the OGM on 21 March, where you will have the opportunity to tell us why you're interested.