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These are just some of the software we have found useful for our courses and research. We encourage you to try other free software as you discover them.

All software listed are free or have free versions. You should not have to pay for any of the software below during your undergrad, but we do encourage you to donate money to the various efforts, or donate your time to help develop the software.

ANU Links

Some useful links:

ANU Servers:

SSH, SCP, FTP to the following servers to access your files:

The Partch server stores your files from the CS computer labs.

The Pebble server stores your files from the DOI computers (the Windows computers around campus).

Some Windows Software

Installing Linux for Windows

  • Linux Mint (note that there is a KDE version) or other popular Linux variants: Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, and many more.

    Shrinking a Windows partition

    1. Click the "Start" / "Windows Icon".
    2. Type "Computer Management" in the search / run box.
    3. Select "Disk Management".
    4. Right-Click on the drive you want Linux installed on.
    5. Select "Shrink Volume"
    6. Shrink at least 20 GB (20,480 MB).

Some more software:

These are other software that we have found very useful during our undergrad years:

  • XChat 2 (Free IRC Client for Windows)
  • CygWin (Unix emulator on Windows)
  • Haskell Platform - ANU CSSA is running a Haskell academic event.
  • Dropbox
  • Eclipse (get the Classic version unless you know which one you want)
  • Python - There is a Python User Group that meets at ANU. Use Python 2 if you need NumPy, SciPy, MathPlotLib, and a few others, but try to move to Python 3 if you can.
  • LibreOffice - Free and Open Source alternative for the Windows Office Suite

Some Linux (Mint) Software

This is a Linux variant of Ubuntu (which is a variant of Debian). Everything that works on Ubuntu (and the lab computers) should work on Linux Mint.

Why did we choose this distribution? To show one of many other Linux variants out there, but most of all, I (Nguyen) really hate Ubuntu's desktop manager.

$ sudo apt-get install build-essentials   # Installs various compilers and libraries.
$ sudo apt-get install ssh              # SSH !!!
$ sudo apt-get install emacs vim          # The best text editors in the world.
$ sudo apt-get install texlive          # Latex
$ sudo apt-get install texlive-full     # Consider this as you will have ALL THE THINGS for Latex (about 800MB).

Some Mac Software

Most essentials for Linux above work with Macs, but you will need XCode from the AppStore.

It comes with your Installation CD/DVD when you purchased your Mac.

You can install GCC without XCode using this link:


We have made some more complex samples and templates: LaTeX Examples

TeX Doc might also be useful in helping you find documentation for LaTeX.

$ pdflatex doc.tex
$ cat doc.tex


\newcommand{\piRsquare}{\pi r^2}

\title{My Sample \LaTeX{} Document}


\section{Herp Derp}

\[\mu^{\alpha+3} + (\alpha^{\beta}+\theta_{\gamma}+\delta+\zeta)\]

	y_{i+1} = x_{i}^{2n} - \sqrt{5}x_{i-1}^{n} + \sqrt{x_{i-2}^7} -1

	\frac{\partial u}{\partial t} + \nabla^{4}u + \nabla^{2}u +
        \frac12    |\nabla u|^{2}~ =~ c^2