OGM Term 1 - 2017

With the Special General Meeting cancelled, the Ordinary General Meeting will be going ahead, including the election of the at least four currently vacant positions of President, Vice-President, Industry Representative, and General Representative.

Full members of the CSSA will be able to vote on motions during the meeting, so you should bring your membership card to sign in. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up will be available on the night.

To propose motions for the meeting, please email the secretary at anucssa@anu.edu.au no later than 9am, Tuesday 28th March. The agenda will be available made available closer to the date.

Congratulations to the new members of the executive.
President: Jay Hansen
Vice-President: Eleanor Lau
Secretary: Joshua Corner

By consequence, the remaining positions are now filled perfectly by:
Postgraduate Representative: Peter Quarel
General Representative: Tyrus Caldeira
General Representative: Timothy Lee
General Representative: Harrison Turton
General Representative: Rahul Ghangas

Nominations now open: https://vote.anucssa.com/
Vacant Positions are:
- President
- Vice-President
- Secretary
- General Representative (4 Positions)
- Postgraduate Representative

For any questions regarding the Election, please email the returning officer at: jan.zimmer@anu.edu.au

Dear members,
An update on the upcoming Ordinary General Meeting:

The election (one of the primary focuses of the committee meeting) will be held over two days. On Thursday (the day the Ordinary General Meeting is starting), we will hold the election of the Executive positions. The meeting will then be adjourned until the next day and resumed again on Friday at 18:00, at which we will hold the election of the remaining General Representatives and Postgraduate Representative.

The reason for splitting up the election is to allow for more time in terms of speeches and questions.

On Thursday, nominees for executive positions will be allowed:
- 2 minute speech
- 5 (reasonable) Questions at a minute per question
- Even if the nominee is running for General Representative, they should mention this but focus their speech on what they can bring to their chosen Executive position.
- Voting for executive positions will be held on Thursday evening, with results expected to be released the same evening, such that people running for both Executive and General Positions know whether to present another speech at the General Representative election.

On Friday, the nominees for General Representatives will be allowed:
- 1 minute speech
- 2 (reasonable) questions at 30 seconds per question

A full agenda for the Ordinary General Meeting will be released soon.
Nomination will close on Wednesday the 29th of March at 18:00 (in 2 days!), with the list of Nominees to be released shortly afterwards.

For people who cannot attend the meeting, you can ask someone to vote for you at the meeting. To do this, please download and printout the Proxy Voting form, filling out all details. Please be aware that both you and your proxy need to be full members.

As there will be two separate elections on two separate day, if you want to have a proxy for both, please fill out two forms. This will also allow you specify more precisely what preferences you might have for the Executive and General elections.
Please keep in mind that a single person can only hold two proxy votes (per election).


Joshua Corner

Running for:

  • General Representative
  • Secretary

Make CSSA Great Again!

Tyrus Caldeira

Running for:

  • Vice President
  • General Representative

I've been a part of the CSSA for 2 years, whilst being in the committee for a year as the Social General Representative. I've organised Epic Games Nights for the past year as well as the upcoming one. This experience gives me the knowledge and aptitude to support the CSSA as Vice-President.
As the VP I would like to make the CSSA a more welcoming society, especially to new students. I'd strive in having a strong, collaborative and innovative committee which will deliver and exceed goals while broadening our stance within ANU and the wider computer science community in Canberra.


Peter Quarel

Running for:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • General Representative
  • Postgraduate Representative

Suh dude

Eleanor Lau

Running for:

  • Vice President
  • General Representative

I am a third year Commerce/Science(Computer Science) student from Perth and I am running for Vice President, in support of Jay for President. I recently swapping out law for computer science and enjoy it A LOT, and would love to contribute to making our student experiences at ANU as awesome as possible. I have strong organizational skills from working as an administrative assistant, and valuable experiences from other society involvements (such as AFEC and HKSS) that I can apply to CSSA to help increase the effectiveness of the committee and run more epic events across the year. Thanks!

Timothy Lee

Running for:

  • General Representative

Ever since coming to the ANU, I have always enjoyed hanging out with the CSSA, coming to events and spending time in the common room. I was a committee member on a club in high school. Planning and running events similar to the ones that we do here, so I am capable of fulfilling the duties of gen-rep. I'm passionate about this place and I'm committed to help it change and grow into a more inclusive place for everyone. I've had a great experience at the CSSA and I want to help others have the same thing.

Harrison Turton

Running for:

  • General Representative

Hello! I am an overly passionate Adv. Computing student who really wants to help other students through the CSSA. I'm often the guy answering questions on Piazza, or helping students in the Manning-Clarke hallway after class.
I like to have a good time, whether it's in top Moose or smashing out Haskell in a 1am group study sesh.
I really want to attend the CSSA events as more than just a student I want to help organise events, help more students, and help positively define ANU's CS student culture.

Jay Hansen

Running for:

  • President

I'd like to be your president for 2017. As a collaborative effort with Eleanor, we have developed a vision to create a more accessible committee structure that is easier to organise so that every member of the committee can execute tasks more efficiently. We see an opportunity for the CSSA to become more professional in its operation, and have been working hard planning ways to implement that vision. We also wish to become a more event oriented society and to use the space in the common room more effectively.

Ashley Yuxin Wang

Running for:

  • President

I've worked as vice-president while our previous president Amy Blunt was in office. I confied closely with her and handled the responsibilties of both president and vice-president after she resigned. I have experience and understand the workload and responsibilities that go into running the CSSA.

My main goals as president are to make the CSSA more welcoming to new students, improve communication between the committee and the CSSA community and increase collaboration and interaction with other societies.

Rahul Ghangas

Running for:

  • General Representative

Why do I want to run? The first answer that comes to everyone's mind is; it will look good on my CV. Well, I am sorry to disappoint some of you in saying that my main reason is because I want to make a big difference to the Society and carry on with the wonderful work that this committee has been doing. I believe I have all the necessary transferable skills, acquired through my dedicated work towards other societies, which will aid to run the society smoothly together with my President and fellow committee members.