Newsletter Week 2 - S1 2017

Newsletter Week 2 - S1 2017!

Welcome 2017

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back, I hope you’ve had a great summer break and are ready to get back into university life.

For those who haven’t renewed their memberships this year this will be the last newsletter you’ll receive. If you’d like to renew your membership you can come to the common-room whenever there’s a committee member around.

Now for some important news,

Two of our committee members have resigned over the summer break, our President Amy Blunt as well as our Industry Representative Nick Sifniotis.

Amy was elected and served as secretary for the 2016 committee. She was then elected as president during the last annual general meeting with the most decisive victory in CSSA history.

Nick Sifniotis was elected in as Industry representative at the start of 2016 and again during the annual general meeting of 2016. He brought in many of the CSSA’s current sponsors including Accenture and the Australian Department of Defence.

We are sorry to see Amy and Nick go and wish them luck for the upcoming year.

We will be looking to fill their positions with an election during the next ordinary general meeting on Friday of week 4.

We still have a lot of events planned for this year including our usual Epic Games Night as well as another of our immensely successful Sydney Industry Trips that we ran at the end of last year. Keep an eye out for any posters around the common room and other newsletters as it’s going to be the place we advertise all the events we’re running this year.


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Ordinary General Meeting 2 alt "Facebook"

The CSSA is holding its first Ordinary General Meeting for 2017 on the 17th of March. This event is a great time for ordinary general members to ask questions of the committee members, hear how the association is going so far and have their voices heard. You need no prior knowledge of how General meetings work to come and interact.

Full members of the CSSA will be able to vote on motions during the meeting, so you should bring your membership card to sign in. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up will be available on the night.

We will also be holding an election for the positions of President and General Representative. Nomination and other information will be available soon.

To propose motions for the meeting, please email the secretary at no later than 9am, Tuesday 17th March. The agenda will be available made available closer to the date.

Time: Friday, 17th March 2017, 18:00
Location: TBD


Install Fest alt "Facebook"

Feeling prepared for the new semester? Have you got or the required programs installed? Come along to Installfest this Friday in the CSSA common room for help installing everything you need.

Time: Wednesday, 1st March 2017 15:00 - 18:00
Location: CSSA Common Room (CSIT N102)

Capture the Flag alt "URL"

Cyber capture the flag is coming to the CSSA!
Cyber CTF involves solving a cryptic puzzle that usually involves subjects like reverse engineering, cryptology, and forensics. Try to find flags to gain points and whatever team scores the most will win!
You can also enter as a team with your friends!
If you are interested in participating just fill out this google form.

Time: Thursday Night, 16th March 2017
Location: TBD

Other News

Sensorfront @ Entry 29 alt "URL"

Interested in part-time or casual work Sensorfront at Entry 29 are hiring. They are looking for all kinds of students from undergrads to postgrads and international to domestic. Be directly involved with building new products and consulting with large international companies.

Sensor Front Pty Ltd:

  • Is a Canberra-based time-series data integration consultancy
  • Works closely with various multinational and national clients
  • Is passionate about solving our client’s challenges using the best and latest technology
What you get:
  • On the job training to get you started and become increasingly productive
  • Learn to apply technologies like Angular2, Typescript, JavaScript, Java 8
  • Opportunities to become full-time employee based on performance and interest
  • Part of a team contributing to a dynamic start-up company
Ideal candidate:
  • You are passionate about technology, computer science, software design and development
  • You are a quick learner and not afraid of trying new technologies
  • You always want to improve your skills
  • You are actively studying computer science or have a computer science degree or similar qualification
  • You have a good understanding of data structures, databases and algorithms (interview topic)

Work load: Up to 20 hours a week.
Pay: Based on your experience starting from $20 p/h for part-time and $25 p/h for casual students.
Location: Our office is in Canberra CBD. There is the ability to work remotely for the right candidate with face-to-face meetings at mutually agreed times. Process: Send us your resume with contact information to We will review your resume, call you for a 30 minute to 1 hour phone interview and later for a half-day face-to-face interview.

Interview topics (phone and face to face interviews):

  • Data structures (e.g. link list, vectors, array list, min/max heap, etc.)
  • Algorithms (quick sort, merge sort, binary search, dynamic programming)
  • Databases (SQL, normal forms, database design, etc.)
  • Can write pseudo code on-the-run!

Apply here

Gravity consulting alt "URL"

Gravity consulting is looking for an enthusiastic professional to take up a part-time role as the ‘IT Security manager & Network Administrator’ @ Gravity Consulting ( Interested candidates can email their CV and a cover letter to E:

Regular Events

Wednesday Night Board Games alt "Facebook"

Take a Ticket to Ride and Come Settle in our Dominion at CSSA board games night! CSSA board games night is Articulate. Other board game nights are Absolute Balderdash.

Check the Facebook Page to catch up on latest changes.

Time: Wednesdays, 19:00 - Late
Location: CSIT N101

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