Newsletter Week 9 - 2016

Newsletter Week 9 - S2 2016!


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New Committee


Hi my name is Amy, I would like to express how excited I am for the upcoming year as president. I look forward to working with the CS committee to help bring out the best in the CSSA. Some of the things you should be looking forward to for the next year are the CSSA goes to Sydney Event, multiple Epic Games Nights, Laser tag, plenty of tech talks, cool Workshops and many Study Events!

Congratulations to the CSSA 2017 Committee:

President: Amy Blunt
Vice President: Ashley Wang
Secretary: Yaya Lu
Treasurer: Faizan Siddiqui
International Rep: Sylvester Shan
Postgrad Rep: Michael Bennett
Gen Rep: Jan Zimmer, Demi Yu-Yun Chen, Jay Hansen, Jack Adamson, Nick Sifniotis
CRO: Peter Quarel, Patrick Paton, Alexander Soen, Nikhil Babu, Erin Hynes

A Small Favour

Esteemed computer scientists, software engineers and IT students.

In 2016, the CSSA had your back.
We did all the things you love us for - the Epic Games Nights, BBQs, laser tag, bowling, board games nights and trivia. We snagged some exciting new sponsors, and added fifteen companies to the careers fair (which hundreds of you came to!).

We hosted workshops by Atlassian, Accenture, TFA, Indeed Tokyo, and Facebook. We helped organise the inaugural ANU Innovation Challenge, and we ran networking events with Entry 29 (more of these to come!)

We are the society that is running the end of year industry trip to Sydney. We are the society that will be taking you to the likes of Google, Microsoft and IBM.

Now we ask for you to have our back. Voting takes less than a minute.

Vote here

Study Events

The dates for the various study events that the CSSA will be running have been determined for you to scribble into your calendars.

COMP1110: 28/10
COMP2310: 14/10, 11/11
COMP2600: 14/10, 4/11

Check the posters around the common room for more information closer to the dates.

CSSA Cyber Capture the Flag alt "Facebook"

Have you ever heard of Cyber Capture the Flag (CTF)? We’re thinking of developing our own gauntlet for you and your team to work through, the best of the best might even get a prize! But what we need now is serious expressions of interest to either volunteer to help or participate, anyone can help out so ask around.

For those who don’t know what Cyber CTF is don’t worry, we’re about to explain.

Your teams goal over a period of a few weeks is to find/locate/calculate a “flag” within a challenge, it could be a word, a number or even a file. Remember how you got it, the skills learned in solving it will be useful in harder challenges. Challenges are worth varying amounts of points for completing them. Topical challenges involve knowledge in algorithms, mathematics, cryptography, reverse engineering, exploitation and even forensics! Now some of these big words look scary but not to worry as we are going to make sure that the difficulty is in line with knowledge that is easily attainable for busy university students like yourselves. At the end of the period the teams get their point tallies revealed and the winner receives praise beyond measure.

How soon we run the event will depend on how popular we think the idea is, so make sure you get everyone who’s interested to show it.

To participate in the poll, please respond on the facebook group poll here.


Universal Lunch Hour

Come one come all The CSSA is running universal lunch hour on the 6th October we will have halal sausages, vegan patties, gluten and gluten free option for all!! Don’t forget this is all freee~~~ it starts at 12:00pm Don’t miss it!!

Time: Thursday, 6th October 2016, 12:00
Location: Union Court

EGN alt "Facebook"

Epic Games Night is less than 2 weeks away! For those of you who don’t know what Epic Games Night is, its a night where
we book out the entire ground floor of the CSIT Building and stock it with consoles, games and lots of food! Games will
include Dance Central, Halo, COD, Pokemon, Mario and many more!!!!

EGN is run by students for students but we need your help! For Epic Games Night to run successfully, we rely on crowdsourcing. Which means the only games, consoles and TV’s we can get, are from all of you! If you wish to put up some games and a console for the night please sign up to this line

EGN is also in need of as many volunteers we can get. Tasks can include setting up and packing down the event, running tournaments for the games or just walking around and making sure everything is running smoothly. If you enlist as a volunteer we also offer you a free pizza of your choice as a thank you for helping out! If you wish to sign up to become a volunteer on the night please go to this link

If you have any questions about EGN please don’t hesitate to contact the EGN Coordinator (Tyrus) at: for more information

Time: Friday, 7th October 2016, 17:00 - 0:00
Location: CSIT

Other News

ACM Programming Contest

On Saturday the 8/10/2016 the school will take part in the South Pacific Central Divisional Contest for the ACM Programming Contest.

ANU hosts the Canberra Site. The ANU teams will be competing against other teams from NSW and Queensland. The top 4 universities in the Central Division will qualify for the Regional Finals in November. The top 2 teams from these Regional Finals will qualify for the 2017 World Finals.

In 2014 year a team from the ANU, comprising Andrew Haigh, Benedict Morrissey,

Dmitry Brizhinev, won the South Pacific Regional finals and represented the ANU at the 2015 World Finals in Morocco.

Teams of 3 students work together to solve about 9 problems within a 5 hour period. Each team only has access to one computer. Programs may be written in Java, Python, c or c++. The contest involves problem solving, programming, and lots of teamwork. There are prizes, a t-shirt, and some food. Entry costs $100 (including GST) per team. The school will pay for 3 teams. Selection of these teams will be based on the selection contest on Thursday (29/9/2016).

If you wish to get involved:

• Come along to the information session/selection contest on Thursday

29/9/2016 between 4pm-6pm in N111 of the CSIT Building. We will go over what is involve and look at forming some teams.

• Also on this Thursday we will have a selection contest (involving 3 questions and about 1 hour to complete as many questions as you can).

This will decide which 3 teams the School will pay the entry costs for the divisional, other teams are welcome to enter (although they will need to pay the entry fee, I am happy to act as “coach” for these teams also).

• The contest is on Saturday 8/10/2016 11:00am-5:00pm n108/n112 of the CSIT Building.

To get an idea of the types of questions have a look at some previous years problems. See

It is a lot of fun and a great way of extending yourself in terms of your programming and software engineering abilities.

If you have a team and the entire team is unable to make it to the selection contest then this is okay as part of the team can go into the selection contest on the 29/9/2016, however, the entire team, if selected, MUST be at the divisional contest on 8/10/2016. For more information please contact : Eric McCreath

Regular Events

Wednesday Night Board Games alt "Facebook"

Take a Ticket to Ride and Come Settle in our Dominion at CSSA board games night! CSSA board games night is Articulate. Other board game nights are Absolute Balderdash.

Check the Facebook Page to catch up on latest changes.

Time: Wednesdays, 19:00 - Late
Location: CSIT N101

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