Annual General Meeting Results

I would like to congratulate and welcome out ANU Computer Science Students Association 2016 Committee:

President: Abbie Wade
Vice President: Patrick Paton
Secretary: Amy Blunt
Treasurer: Stuart Herring
International Rep: Hong You
Post Grad Rep: Chris Chow
Gen Rep: Chris Claoue-Long, Robert (Probie) Offner, Yaya Lu, Tyrus Caldeira, James Volis

I will continue counting Common Room Subcommittee tomorrow. If anyone has concerns with the counting of votes or conduct of the election please contact me at

-- UPDATE --
I would also like to congratulate and welcome our newly election Common Room Subcommittee members:

Erin Hynes, Martin Henschke, Chanakya Goli, Robin Monro, David Quarel

If anyone would like to check the .blt files entered into the vote counter I am happy to provide them. I'm also happy for the original ballots to be inspected, however this is unlikely to happen before Monday.


Benjamin Benjamin Roberts

2016 Returning Officer