Newsletter Week 6

Newsletter Week 6!


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Code of Conduct

Hi everyone,
The committee has written and printed and put up a second version of the code of conduct we trialled last week. This one is a lot more words, but is a lot clearer and covers a lot more things. Next time you come into the common room, stop by the door and give it a read.

One thing it doesn’t mention: if someone is acting contrary to the code of conduct and you don’t feel comfortable raising it at the time, you can email/message whichever committee member you are comfortable telling about it - the executive (myself, Jan Zimmer, Benjamin George Roberts, Stuart Herring), International Rep, Postgraduate Rep and Common Room Rep (Omid Rezvani, You Hong, Martin Henschke) all have their emails up on the posters next to the code of conduct. Many of us have immediate notifications enabled, and can act on things pretty quickly.

If you want to have a read, follow this link to the PDF.

CSIT Break-in

A break-in occurred in the CSIT building this morning - Friday 20 March - at approximately 4am. The CS Common Room was broken into as well. Several personal items belonging to a committee member were stolen, as well as a small amount of cash from the fridge mug. ANU Security and the AFP attended.

ANU appears to be targeted quite strongly at the moment considering other recent loses.

As ever, it is recommended to keep your valuables under your supervision.


COMP1100/1130 Massive All Evening Study Event alt "Facebook"

Its time for the Massive All Evening Study Session for Wireworld (Assignment 1)!

On the 25th of March in Hancock West starting at 18:00 to Midnight, tutors from the course, PAL mentors, Uwe and volunteers from the CSSA will all be there to help you get the first Comp1100/1130 assignment under control.

There will be paid tutors until 22:30 and just like the event the CSSA ran right after the first Comp1100 event there will be copious amounts of pizza at 19:00 so you can power through the all evening coding session.

(Note date change to 25th of March)

Time: Wednesday, 25th March 2015, 18:00
Location: Hancock West

CSSA/ESA Monthly Munchies! March Edition alt "Facebook"

Hey postgrads and friends!

Join the Computer Science Students’ Association (CSSA) and the Engineering Students’ Association (ESA) for our monthly munchies March edition on FRIDAY! Free pizza, finger food and drinks in a casual atmosphere. Come along to meet other postgrads!

We would like to thank the CECS (ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science) for their great support and sponsoring this event as always.

Please RSVP for catering purposes to or via the facebook event

Ordinary General Meeting alt "Facebook"

The ANU Computer Science Students Association is calling its first Ordinary General Meeting for 2015!
This is an opportunity to discuss what the CSSA has been doing and for members to propose ideas and changes.
We are also looking to discuss changes to Committee and Common Room Subcommittee structures as well as the new Common Room Code of Conduct.

Please submit your topics for discussion and motions to the secretary (

Light refreshments will be provided.

Time: Thursday, 2nd April 2015, 12:00 (universal lunch hour)
Location: CSIT N101

Other News

CSIT Job Opportunities Page

TechLauncher - Competitions and Opportunities for students

ACT Government Scholarship for Canberra-Shenzhen Innovation Internship Program

If you have a passion for innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset, you can apply for an ACT Government-funded internship opportunity in Shenzhen that will help you develop your skills as you build and foster long term collaborative relationships between the ACT and China.

There are two scholarships available for the upcoming winter semester break in July. Second year students through to recent graduates are welcome to apply.

Application close Monday 6th April 2015. You can find out more at:

Regular Events

Wednesday Night Board Games alt "Facebook"

Take a Ticket to Ride and Come Settle in our Dominion at CSSA board games night! CSSA board games night is Articulate. Other board game nights are Absolute Balderdash.

Check the Facebook Page to catch up on latest changes.

Time: Wednesdays, 19:00 - Late
Location: CSIT N101

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