Newsletter Week 8

Hi Everyone

Welcome back for the final thrilling term of 2014. I hope you all had a great break.

A few pieces of news from the CSSA:

1. Special General Meeting - 22 September, 5:30PM, CSIT N101 [Facebook]

Upon review of the ballots of our election held at the AGM, several irregularities were identified in the ballot count. To rectify this, members of the CSSA have called for a Special General Meeting (SGM) to vote on voiding the election held at the AGM. Assuming this is agreed to, new elections will then be held approximately one week later (Tuesday September 30).

We take responsibilities of transparency seriously. The Returning Officer from the previous election (Reyes Gonzalez) will be presenting a report outlining the irregularities and the reasons why the ballots are unrecoverable.

We hope this will be a short meeting, of less than one hour. An agenda is available from the Facebook page.

At this meeting, we would also like to make a small change to our constitution, surrounding the protocol for proxy votes. The change is as follows:

That Section 7.11 of the Constitution be amended by substituting "before the commencement of the meeting" with "before or during the meeting".

2. New Common Room
At long last! The CSSA has been given some extra space, in the forms of N103 and N104. The walls joining our common room and the two new rooms will be knocked down to make a larger room for us.

However, this means that the Common Room will be out of action for the first week back while renovations happen - our apologies, but the results will be well worth it.

The Committee is looking for some cool ideas on how we can use the space. Please engage with the discussion on Facebook and provide input or suggestions.

3. Upcoming Events
We've got a few events happening this week. They are great ways to get back into the swing of uni for the term! For the organised among you, we maintain a Google Calendar with all of our events, that you can add to your own calendar list or application.

Boardgames Night - Wednesday 24th 7PM, CSIT N101 [Facebook]
Boardgames Night happens every Wednesday night. Take a Ticket to Ride and come Settle in our Dominion. Come along, meet some people, maybe try a new game. Snacks are provided.

Accenture Information Session and BBQ - Thursday 25th 11AM [Facebook]
Along with Robogals, we will be hosting an informations session and BBQ for Accenture.

11am - 12 noon, CSIT N101 Information Session about Accenture and the Accenture Adventure program.
1pm - 2pm BBQ, in the CSIT BBQ space (around the back of the CSIT building). Food is free and vegetarian options are available.

Accenture are a multinational management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. They are a key sponsor of ours.

Monthly Munchies - Friday 26th 4PM, CSIT Staff Room [Facebook]
Postgrads and friends! Catch up with your peers over free finger food, cakes and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Vegetarian options are provided, as is beer.

4. Job Opportunities
Infosys Instep is an 8-12 week internship program for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. You can find out more information on Facebook.

Infosys are an international consulting, technology and outsourcing company.