ANU O-Week 2012

Market Day Stall

CECS Introduction BBQ

Wednesday 15 February
9am - 5pm
University Avenue
Extra note:
We are between ANUESA and ANUMCA
- Drinks for Sale
- Sign up to ANU CSSA for $5
Wednesday 15 February
12 Noon - 1pm
Engineering Courtyard
Extra notes:
- Free Sausages
- Drinks for Sale
- Sign up to ANU CSSA for $5
This event is shared with ANUESA, so we'll both be in the same place.

Finally! After 3 months of holidays and almost 4 months since your last CSSA event fix, we're back! We're kicking off 2012 by being at two places at once. Now you might find this confusing, and trust me its crazy for us too, and so this post is full of helpful images to help us explain.

First things first, our events are on WEDNESDAY the 15TH also known as Market Day! We are going to have a market day stall as well as help run the CS and Engineering Introductory BBQ (The bbq will go from Noon to 1pm).

"But wait? Isn't there a games night on Tuesday? Isn't that you guys? Shouldn't that be your first event?"
No. The video games night run by ANUSA is not run by us, we were asked to do it and declined. It's probably not going to be as good as our Epic Games Nights, which you'll be able to look forward to at the end of Semester 1.

"Ok, so where is it?"

"Theres going to be lots of people at market day, that image isn't very good..."
Here is a close up, we're stall #11, between the ANU Management Consulting Association (AMCA) and ANU Engineering Students' Association (ANUESA).

"How will we know to find you?"
This shiny thing isn't just a brand new addition to my room, its to help you! We should also have a portable sun and rain deflecting device.

"I signed up at your epic games night in october 2011, do i really have to sign up again?"
Sorry, Yes.
BUT this year you get a shiny membership card and its plastic not cheapo-cardboard or paper!
Also, most, if not all our events are free to members, and given how many events we ran last year, its damn good value for money.

"It was free and then $1 and then $2 last year, how come it keeps going up?"
When we started last year, we never even dreamed of being this big or active. Events like the Epic Games Nights cost a lot of time money and effort. In the real world, something that big would charge $10 entry atleast, we had two of those last year FREE for members, and plan to do that again this year. More money means more events! Also, you get shiny cards this year!