Epic Games Night 9 - 29 May - 1600 to Late

Epic Games Night 9!

People have held parties for time travelers before, but to no avail. It is now the CSSA's turn, and what better way to motivate time travelers to come than Epic Games Night.

For those who do not know, Epic Games Night is where we book out the entire bottom floor of the CSIT Building., set up TVs, projectors and consoles and basically just sit down and play games all night. Tournaments with really cool prizes will be happening throughout the night. There will also be two pizza runs happening throughout the night, with a price of $5 a pizza.

If you are interested in donating us equipment for the night (we can guarantee its safety) or want to volunteer for the night, please fill out the respective form:

Crowd sourcing:


Volunteer (for a reward):


As a last note, this event can only be run due to the sponsorship we get from companies, the crowd sourcing from our members and the volunteers that volunteer for the night. So a big thank you to The Barracks, Reload Bar, The Games Capital, Revolution CD, ANUSA, and to the people who have filled out the crowd sourcing/volunteer forms.