Epic Games Night 7 - 23rd May - 17:00 - Late

Epic Games Night 007!

Seven times the fun. Seven times the games. Seven times the pizza*. The 7th Epic Games Night is almost upon us!

Epic Games Night is a bi-annual CSSA event where we get as many consoles and games as we can and we set up for an epic night of games, pizza, prizes and more.

The theme this time is “007”, so bring along your shoephones, fake fingerprints and your Aston Martins (preferably models without explosive capabilities). There will be a prize for best-dressed.

Entry is free for CSSA members and $5 for non members. Alternatively, non members can join CSSA on the night for $5.

Pizza will be available for $5

*This is a lie. There will not be 700 pizzas.

Console Crowdsourcing (Form)

Currently we need some more Wii’s, N64’s, and PS3’s and their respective controllers.

If you have any of these, the EGN Subcommittee would be very appreciative if you could complete the crowdsourcing form.

WeEquipment will need to be dropped off at the CSSA on the 22nd. It will be stored safely overnight.

Volunteers (Form)

The EGN Subcommittee can always use another pair of hands before or during the night. If your hands are willing, please fill out this form. Plus, free pizza!


** The League of Legends Tournament will only have the finals on the night.

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