Epic Games Night 6 - 25th October - 16:00 - Late

Epic Games Night 6!

Epic Games Night is a bi-annual CSSA event where we get as many consoles and games as we can and we set up for an epic night of games, pizza, prizes and more.

The theme this time is Halloween, so be prepared for a spooky night of epic proportions.

Entry is free for CSSA members and $5 for non members. Alternatively, non members can join CSSA on the night for $5.

Console Crowdsourcing (Form)

Currently we need some more Wii’s, PS3’s, Xboxes and their respective controllers.

If you have any of these, the EGN Subcommittee would be very appreciative if you could complete the crowdsourcing form.


Tournament Sign-Ups

If you want to compete in any of the following games, could you fill out the respective form.



Pokémon Showdown

League of Legends Tournament (Sign-Up)

This Tournament will be run as part of Epic Games Night. Qualifiers will be run the weekend before (19th/20th October) with a double-elimination provided the number of entries works well with this format. If not then we will decide a different format once submissions have ended. The tournament will be concluded on Friday 25th October During EGN.

This is not an event registered with Riot and therefore there will not be Triumphant Ryze skins for the winner, but we will get other prizes for the winners.

You can register as a 5-Person Premade or lower number and be placed in a team.


16:00 16:00: Event Starts, LoL and Dance Central 3 start
16:30: Pokémon Showdown Registration close
16:45: Mario Kart registration close
17:00 17:00: Mario Kart and Pokémon Showdown starts
17:30: Pizza Orders Round 1 close
17:30: Star Craft II and DotA tournaments start
18:00 18:45: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Registrations Close
19:00 19:00: Pizza Order Round 1 arrives, and Round 2 orders close.
19:00: Start Teeworlds
19:00: Start Super Smash Bros. Brawl
20:00 20:30: Pizza Orders Round 2 arrive
21:00 21:00: Quake and Teeworlds Registration close
21:00: Quake and Teeworlds Finals starts
22:00 22:30: Price Ceremony
23:00 23:00: Gradual packup

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