Epic Games Night 5

Epic Games Night: in Space!

Friday 24th of May 2013

4pm - Midnight

CSIT Building rooms N101, N102, N108, N109, N114, N115, N116 and N118
(CSIT Building is building #108 on ANU Maps)

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What is it?

May 24, 4pm - Midnight, we will be taking over the lower level of CSIT for an awesome night of fun,
rage, and GAMES!

CSSA members get in for free, but sign-ups are welcome on the night for $5! So bring ALL your friends!!

Games! Here's a list of games you'll see on the night:

  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Mario Kart
  • Starcraft 2
  • DotA 2
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (and some other fighting
  • Dance Central
  • FIFA
  • Halo
  • Teeworlds
  • Quake
  • Dominion (and some other boardgames)
  • Fruit Ninja

... and more!

Most of these will have tournaments, so keep an eye out for tournament registrations coming out very soon!

And now I bet you're wondering about the 'in Space!' bit on the subject line. Well!
We're mixing it up a bit this time around, and have decided to dress up CSIT in spacey things!

If you want to get involved, maybe you can dress yourself up in spacey things too! A prize may be involved!
Or, you can help us make decorations in the coming week. Just drop into the CSSA clubroom later in the
week to see what's there!


Of course, volunteers are always a big help to us on the night. If you'd like to lend your arms, ears, eyes, and whatever else to us for the night, please fill out this form.

Registering and Costs

If you are on facebook, please RSVP here, and share with all your friends
Entry is $5 and open to general public.
ANU CSSA Members can enter for free.
You don't have to join ANU CSSA, but its included in the $5 Entry free, so we think you should.
We ask that everybody who attends signs in at the lobby. Their names will be entered into a competition to win a lucky door prize. It also helps us with security and get funding for future EGNs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.I'm not a member of the cssa, can I come?
Yes. See Registering.

2. Can I bring my non-cssa friends?
Yes. See Registering.

. Feel free to bring everyone you know! :)

3. Whats the deal with food/snacks?

There will be snacks throughout the night.
There will be drinks on sale in the lobby.
We will be organising a pizza run during the night, please register your interest in the lobby before 5.30pm. See Catering for more details.

4. Can I enter in multiple competitions?

We please sign up for multiple competitions and let the organisers know, we will try and accommodate all requests to the best of our ability.

Catering/ Pizza

Pizza will be available to order on the night for a subsidised price of $5.
We'll be running 2 rounds of orders to make it easier for you to compete in tournaments.
Round 1 orders close at 5:30pm.
Round 2 orders close at 7:00pm.

And of course there will be drinks for sale, and free snacks and juice in the foyer!

Sponsors and Thanks

Impact Comics
The Games Capital
Revolution CD
Research School of Computer Science
Fenner Social Gaming

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